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Amy is taking questions…

The Sins of Our Father: The Sins Trilogy Book 1 made the case for Amy and Todd’s love story. It is quite apparent though, that all is not as it seems. After all, Amy is far from easy to love!

Who could blame her though considering the choices she has to make.

So we came up with a novel idea.  What if our favorite sociopath — a woman who falls in love despite her best intentions and psychological condition — were to give relationship advice? What would that look like?

Here’s what she has to say about love and trust.


Amy is accepting questions…

Don’t be shy!



Sign Your Name…

One of the hardest aspects of writing The Sins Trilogy was settling on a genre. I had a story to tell and wasn’t very concerned with where it belonged until it was too late. Many fiction writers self-identify according to genre, and so write to fit that mold. On the other hand, I had issues I wanted to treat…difficult ones that haven’t been sufficiently explored in reality.

Issues like sexual abuse and mental illness in both civilian and military settings; power and the fallibility of the human element behind security intelligence; governance, democracy and responsibility; crime, punishment and the hypocrisy of enforcement. Just to name a few.

Heavy reading for a romance?

Definitely! There are no unicorns dropping rainbows in these books.


For that reason, the series is many things to different people.

The Romantic will despair that the love story is darkly disturbing; there is nothing ideal about Todd and Amy or the things they do. The Romantic will find Traditionalists good company when discussing this series.The latter will be confused by a romance that is too dark; a suspense that is so inextricably tied to the love of two people that the story crumbles without it; and characters that are all so flawed that none of them can be considered heroic.

To the Dramatic, it is a tragedy of Bram Stoker’s Dracula ilk. After all, bad has never looked better than it does on Amy Koehler and Todd Birch.

But to the Realist, it might have been inspired by actual events. The story is infused with possibilities, elevating it from contemporary fiction to ‘Inspired’.

There have been many questions, most of which I hope will be answered with the release of The Wages of Sin: The Sins Trilogy Book 3 on March 15, 2015 on Amazon and iTunes. 

A few familiar faces from The Sins of Our Father: The Sins Trilogy Book 1, take the stage in Book 3.

We meet Amy’s family. I make no excuses for her choices, but at least the reader begins to understand how she could have arrived at those decisions.

Don Blitzner and his mysterious designs are revealed.

Major Edward Cummings appears in the flesh, and despite the odds, is humanized.

And the Afanasenkos have a lot to say.

Some readers of Book 1 will be pleased to learn that The Sexual Encounter — which they argued deserved to be considered an independent character — become less explicit in rest of the series. There is a very good reason for that. The Sexual Encounter in Book 1 was not gratuitous; it served a deliberate purpose. It offered a glimpse into Amy’s psyche. Some readers may have even walked away from The Sins of the Flesh: The Sins Trilogy Book 2 with ideas about her condition. Book 3 lays all doubts to rest.

The Sexual Encounter also struck at the heart of the relationship between Amy and Todd. Of course, each character has his/her own reason for pursuing the relationship, but what makes it work is their chemistry. That is as undeniable as it is uncontrollable… or trust that both parties would have overcome their weakness somewhere along Book 2.

Todd said it best: “There was something between us from the first time we met. You cannot deny that, Amy. And you can’t manufacture it either. …I can’t change how I feel… [I] couldn’t stop loving you although I’ve tried.”

Heartless as they might seem, neither Todd nor Amy is tossing around paper hearts.

paper hearts

Should you complete the series and continue to be plagued by doubts, questions or concerns…

Ask away! You never know. You might even be the inspiration behind a short.

And the Nominees Are…

The most fulfilling part of writing is not the end of writing, as one would think.

Of course, there’s an immeasurable amount of joy that comes with holding my completed book in hand. Knowing it was created from love; many a sleepless nights; more dialogues with my reflection than could be considered sane; and fits of laughter and tears under the dismayed stare of complete strangers; instills a sense of wonder and pride not unfamiliar to new parents.

The most fulfilling part of writing is knowing that I’ve also provoked those things — sleepless nights, bouts of insanity and emotional outbursts — in my audience. For that reason, I love reviews.

This is what Nichka Sol had to say about The Wages of Sin on Inkspand.

“I did a little happy dance when I saw I was invited to read the 3rd and final book of the series. And I’ll start by saying – if you thought the first two books were great, this one is simply epic. There is something going on all the time, the flow of the story is perfect while with the other 2 parts it could feel a bit jumping from one thing to another at times, nothing like this here! 

The Wages of Sin starts off reminding us what everything is about, the death of Amy’s father. And what does it have for us? We finally get to see who killed Amy’s father and what kind of revenge she has planned, who is Sergei Alfasenko working for and is he going to be the helping hand in her findings? There’s only one way to find out because I’m not going to tell you. Of course you’ll see how she and Todd end up – I was in tears at the end of the book. 

The style of the writer is so absorbing, while I was reading I could hear the voices in my head, I could feel what they do, all the pain, the love, the lack of trust, the thirst for revenge… I hated the humiliation Todd took Amy through with Erika at the holiday party, I almost cried for her. I wanted to go and rip her hair out! As usual we had that one part that had me laughing so hard I couldn’t stop for a while – reminding Todd what would happen if their baby is a girl! 

One thing I noticed was the repeating of some parts of the previous book, who is who, and what they have done – it’s unneeded if you’ve read the previous books, but helpful if you haven’t. Although I feel you really must read the first 2 books to be able to immerse yourself in the story completely, and it’s all worth it. The characters are very complex and you need to know them well to get the best out of the ending. 

Another thing I liked – I hate it when in books authors use foreign languages and never bother to mention what it means, bonus points to not being one of those! 

In conclusion – the whole trilogy is mind-blowingly good, the characters are interesting, you’ll end up both loving them and hating them, you’ll be confused at times, you’ll wonder a lot, you’ll get to enjoy a lot of action, secrecy, love, sex, pain, laughter, these series have everything you want in them. The only real bad thing now is that I enjoyed them so much I have no idea what to do with myself! I want more! 

(I’d love to read on what’s the author’s idea of how their lives continue, in my head it’s Alexei and Rose meeting at some point in the future…)”

I let Jennifer Lawrence respond for me.

Jlaw gif


Here’s your chance to join Nichka Sol among the nominees for Best Happy Dance!

The Wages of Sin is available for pre-order now at Amazon or iTunes.

I would love to know what you think, so feel free to leave a review!

Jlaw kiss


The End is Here!!!

It’s the end of an era.

The Sins Trilogy is finally complete. The Wages of Sin is now available for pre-order on Amazon and iTunes.

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